Mena massoud dating who

Who is Mena Massoud?

Mena Massoud is a Canadian actor who was born in Cairo, Egypt, on September 17, 1991. He grew up in Markham, Ontario, and attended the University of Toronto where he studied theatre and acting.

Massoud began his career as an actor in 2011 when he appeared in an episode of the TV series "Nikita." He then went on to appear in several other TV shows, including "King," "Open Heart," and "Saving Hope."

In 2017, Massoud landed his breakthrough role as Aladdin in Disney's live-action adaptation of the animated classic. The film was a box office success, grossing over $1 billion worldwide, and Massoud received critical acclaim for his performance.

Since then, Massoud has continued to work in both film and television, with roles in "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan," "Run This Town," and "Strange But True."

Is Mena Massoud dating anyone?

As of 2021, Mena Massoud's relationship status is unclear. He has not publicly confirmed that he is dating anyone at the moment, and there have been no recent rumors or reports about his romantic life.

However, Massoud has been linked to several women in the past, including his "Aladdin" co-star Naomi Scott. The two were rumored to be dating during the filming of the movie, but they never confirmed their relationship.

Mena Massoud's rumored relationship with Naomi Scott

Naomi Scott played Princess Jasmine in Disney's live-action adaptation of "Aladdin," and she and Mena Massoud had great chemistry onscreen. Their performances as Aladdin and Jasmine were praised by critics, and fans were quick to speculate that there was something more going on between them offscreen.

During interviews and public appearances, Scott and Massoud were often seen together, laughing and joking around. They also posted several photos together on social media, which only fueled the dating rumors.

However, both actors have denied that they were ever in a romantic relationship. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar Arabia, Scott said that she and Massoud were just good friends and that people were reading too much into their interactions.

"We're just very good friends," Scott said. "We felt like we knew each other for years even though it had only been a few months. It was very easy to get along with him."

Massoud also addressed the rumors during an interview with Access Hollywood. He said that he and Scott were close because they had to work together so closely on the movie, but that there was nothing romantic between them.

"We're just good friends," Massoud said. "We had a great time working together, but that's all it was."

Mena Massoud's other rumored relationships

In addition to Naomi Scott, Mena Massoud has been linked to several other women over the years.

One of his earliest rumored relationships was with actress Adelaide Kane. The two starred together in the TV series "Reign," and they were frequently seen together offscreen. However, neither of them ever confirmed that they were dating.

Massoud was also linked to model Amal Fashanu in 2019. The two were spotted together at several events, but they never confirmed their relationship status.

Most recently, there have been rumors that Massoud is dating actress Sarah Jezebel Deva. The two have been spotted together on social media, and some fans have speculated that they are a couple. However, neither Massoud nor Deva has confirmed anything.

Mena Massoud Dating Who

Mena Massoud is a talented actor who has captured the hearts of audiences around the world with his performances. While he has been linked to several women in the past, including his "Aladdin" co-star Naomi Scott, his current relationship status is unclear.

Whether he is single or dating someone, one thing is certain: Mena Massoud is sure to continue making waves in the entertainment industry with his talent and charm.

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